Dmitry Kuznichenko

Dmitry Kuznichenko was one of the first artists to benefit from our Artist-in-Residence program. Dmitry has lived and painted in Australia for almost 20 years. He’s happily made this country his own and a lot of his narrative style works reflect his humorous and slightly sentimental outlook on suburbs and people. Having this amazing opportunity to paint in the studio at Curwoods Lawyers has further informed his work.

During his year as our Artist-in-Residence, Dmitry painted a number of large works, with metaphorical interpretations of city life and corporate environment.

Dmitry says “My works are filled with joy, humour and affirmation of life but there is an awareness of impermanence of things and the possibility of change, what some would call the darker side. I’m glad it exists in my work. It makes us even more alive.”


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